How do We Rise Up Rooted?

⇒  We feel strongly that in order to confront racism effectively in our lives and in the world, (rather than unintentionally furthering harm), it is important that we show up in a deeply rooted way: humble, authentic, grounded, secure, clear in our belonging, values and purpose. In an essay titled, “Recover Your Humanity,” we answer the question of “How do we rise up rooted?” in another way. 

We are continuously learning and growing in our practice to uproot the grip of white supremacy culture in all the spaces we inhabit (including within ourselves), with FIERCE LOVE and a strong belief in the core goodness of every human being.

We are aligned in our purpose as culture-change facilitators, devoted to making space for transformation for white bodied-people ~ so that we may all  RISE UP ROOTED.

We are devoted to creating spaces that support white folx in unraveling the ways white supremacy culture insidiously holds root in the body, mind and heart, in order to open up to greater aliveness, wholeness and meaningful solidarity with and commitment to movements for liberation.


Δ    We want to be a part of ushering the beast of white supremacy to its death— lovingly, fiercely, and with as much humility and haste as possible.

Δ    We want to nourish the roots for a new world, water the seeds of a new embodied culture for white folx, and create the possibility for an ecology of relating that centers love and justice for all people.

  We must do both.

    Will you join us?





the offering that Drea & Robin have curated invites us to lean in to the discomfort & conditioning of whiteness in an intensely creative & structured way. it leaves time & space for us to be curious, to go to the rooted places that contain wounds that have never been touched. through visualization & mapping, through questions & witness. they invite us to go to these places as a collective responsibility of white bodied people to make a change for the sake of all living beings. this in itself is truly radical. i deeply trust their guidance, and recommend it to all whom share the identity and conditioning of whiteness. it is important that we do this work, together, and here is a beautiful opportunity to start and / or continue the life long work to do so. gratitude for you both!!

Laurie Trieger

Drea and Robin are a great team! They created a thoughtful, dynamic affinity group space for us to discuss, discover, and uncover important concepts and biases and how these manifest in our daily lives and relationships; as well as in our physical bodies. Our weekly gatherings had the right mix of structured conversation plus time for “free-form” critical thinking and dialog. I especially appreciated how they struck the balance between guiding us through the material as well as diving in and participating along with us by sharing their own challenges, uncomfortable feelings, and experiences with the topics we explored.

Wendy Friedman

Drea and Robin are a seasoned, organized team. The most valuable skill is their joint attention to the emotions, priorities and needs of each participant. They offer guided meditation, detailed questions to ponder and journal about and unbounded support to help us dig deep, finding painful truths that lie within.