Who We Are

The Team: Drea & Robin

We co-create the content for this work based on our own reflections, failures, learnings and ongoing growth. We co-facilitate this work in a dynamic way that accentuates both of our respective gifts.

We like to say that Drea is the water and Robin is the rock. 

We really trust each other’s strengths and respect each other’s differences with grace. Together, we strive to break norms and cultivate a new type of culture among white-bodied folks that is heart-centered, authentic, vulnerable and rigorous in its integrity.


Drea Lynn


Drea (she or they) brings a wide range of experience to facilitation work, and feels blessed to have moved through many fields of practice, including: restorative justice facilitation and circle work, group Gestalt Awareness Practice, coaching, and crisis-line counseling. She brings a strong level of presence that allows her to pick up on the energies, feelings, and themes that are most alive in a given space. She enjoys cultivating space that draws us all deeper into our bodies, our imagination, and our hearts– to embrace both grief and joy. She is skilled in the more intangible aspects of creating a container within a group space, that allows for a sense of trust and safety in leaning into emotional vulnerability and depth.

Robin Quirke


Robin (they/them) has a background in research psychology and education, and received facilitation training through the San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools iGroup Facilitator Training.  What Drea brings with water-like flow, Robin balances with rock-like structure. Besides co-creating the course content, they focus on the hosting aspects of Zoom, time-management of the group, and a consciousness around everyone equitably sharing the collective verbal space. Robin also leads workshops on white supremacy culture, the colonization of reason, and gender queerness; and volunteers their time hosting Layla Saad “Me and White Supremacy” book groups. Learn more at Working with Robin. You can check out their podcast “Cracks in the Cement” by clicking here. Contact at robin@riseup-rooted.org