Course Registration


YAY…! ~~ you’ve made it to the registration part of this process!

To register and reserve your spot, please make a payment based on the four choices shown below. 




    • $ 600 to $ 1000SUPPORTING  means you are comfortable and able to meet all your basic needs. // You have access to financial savings. // You can afford vacations and taking time off from work. This option helps support those who are in need of scholarships. 
    • $ 500COVERING COSTS means you are able to meet your basic needs. // You have some expendable income. // You can take an annual vacation without financial burden.
    • $ 400PARTIALLY SUPPORTED means you may stress meeting basic needs but still regularly achieve them. // You have limited financial savings.
    • $ 300LARGELY SUPPORTED means you frequently stress about meeting basic needs and don’t always achieve them. // You have no or very limited expendable income. (If $300 is not doable for you even with a payment plan, you can fill out a scholarship application here ).

(Redistribution of Funds: 10% of ALL donations and course fees go into our equity fund, which goes to local Folx of Color.)



1. Venmo: @RiseUpRooted (last 4 digits of phone 3027) — ***our preferred method of payment***

2. Personal check: Pay to Rise Up Rooted and mail to Rise Up Rooted, 128 High St, Eugene, 97401

3. PayPal: ~ Please select “friends and family” (if you select “paying for an item or service,” PayPal charges us ~5%)

4. If you need a payment plan, email us at to set it up with us.


Once we receive your payment, we will email you within a day or two to confirm your registration. Thank you!

~~ Email us with questions or concerns: ~~