An Affinity Space

This Fall, we will be offering a 10-week course designed for those who benefit from white privilege, where we will create a supportive space for deep and humble reflection on how our thoughts, behaviors and worldviews have been shaped by a culture rooted in white supremacy.

This Work

“If you’re on the path to liberation, you have to be motivated by this fierce sense of undoing, this willingness to come completely apart, to know that everything you think you know about yourself, you inherited from someplace else. You need to take account. Be willing to face and acknowledge that much of what has come to you has been unearned and has come at great cost to others. Start balancing the books. And then: relax. Relax. Enjoy your life. Let it unfold. This is the tension of the path: the fierce, fierce undoing and the perfected ability to just be with what is.”Rev angel Kyodo williams

We believe that when white people wake up to the falseness of the conditioning, and the trauma of reenacting, perpetuating and being complicit in the continuation of the harms of racism– socially, politically, spiritually– that we we will begin to heal the wounds that allow white supremacy to continue to fester. This process of cultural relearning is ongoing, where we repeatedly shed, let go and grieve, and also heal and create new pathways.

Sometimes white-bodied people think we need to deprive ourselves of joy, and that we do not deserve to laugh or smile when we are in the midst of dismantling white supremacy and its hold on us, but with time we begin to see that this too is a destructive aspect of the either/or binary thinking that we have learned under white supremacy.

The path will often not feel clear or balanced, but as we wrestle and really search for the truth more than we succumb to placating ourselves with distancing patterns of avoidance or dissociated comfort, we can begin to come home to ourselves. We begin to recover our own humanity, and see that our own self-care, self-love, and actual liberation is inextricably linked to that of every over living being on the planet.

Guiding Questions:

  • What parts of myself do I need to HEAL, TEND, LISTEN TO?
  • What parts of myself do I need to LET GO OF, SHED, DISMANTLE?
  • What parts of myself do I need to CULTIVATE, GROW, PRACTICE?

Recent news

We are no longer hosting groups to primarily discuss Layla Saad’s “me and white supremacy.” The book will still be an important feature of what we offer— the format is just different. We will be inviting folks to buddy up with someone else in their own time to explore the book and journaling, in conjunction with the course we are offering.

You might be asking “Why are you not facilitating the MWS groups anymore?”

Well… 😀 we are allowing ourselves to change, grow and be fluid with what feels most emergent for us– and we know this is what gives our collaboration aliveness, and makes our work most of service to the collective. Over the course of the last five months, there has been a very natural morphing of what we do together as a team, and we are so excited to be offering something new that we feel will support people to deepen in their learning and growth, at the intersection of self-knowledge and anti-racism.

We are excited to continue building relationship and connection with you all in this new (virtual) community gathering space.


Leah Adams-Schoen

“For white folks, racism is a subject that is difficult, at best, to talk about, acknowledge, explore. Being willing to connect ourselves as maintainers/perpetrators of the system of white supremacy, while vulnerable and painful, is absolutely necessary for our own lives and humanity. Ronin and Drea provided a group of white folks who did not know each other the safety, space, direction, and unconditional love to do this crucial work.

Racial trauma will be healed through community, not in isolation. Ronin and Drea lead a grassroots healing effort that will begin to alleviate centuries of pain.”

Wendy Freeman

“Drea and Ronin are a seasoned, organized team. The most valuable skill is their joint attention to the emotions, priorities and needs of each participant. They offer guided meditation, detailed questions to ponder and journal about and unbounded support to help us dig deep, finding painful truths that lie within.”

Laurie Trieger

“Drea and Robin are a great team! They created a thoughtful, dynamic affinity group space for us to discuss, discover, and uncover important concepts and biases and how these manifest in our daily lives and relationships; as well as in our physical bodies. Our weekly gatherings had the right mix of structured conversation plus time for “free-form” critical thinking and dialog. I especially appreciated how they struck the balance between guiding us through the material as well as diving in and participating along with us by sharing their own challenges, uncomfortable feelings, and experiences with the topics we explored.”

Kelly Pembleton

“The berm!”