“White Supremacy, White Culture, and Re-imagining”

This interactive presentation centers on increasing awareness of the harmful aspects of dominant white culture and reflecting on how we as individuals within our respective classrooms, schools and universities, departments, and relationships might be perpetuating those norms. Through this awareness, we have the opportunity to shift away from repeatedly enacting, reacting, unconsciously defaulting, and/or feeling forced to conform to harmful norms, and move forward together in making conscious choices that allow for more nurturing and healthful schools. 

Held in a space of care, we will focus on the following, with time to reflect and share (with journal time and an option to share via chat or hand-raising – we will not do break-out groups):

  1. White supremacy – Why do so many people call it “white” and not “human” supremacy? We will take a tour of global maps and historical tidbits to paint a picture of some of the ways it is a unique system of oppression.
  2. U.S. white culture – We will review some of the basic cultural norms and rules that characterize dominant white culture.
  3. Re-imagining culture and ourselves – We will reflect upon how dominant white culture has shaped who we are as individuals, who we might be without those cultural constraints, and ways we can show up differently for our students.

All are welcome, but this is most intended for white folks in the education sector.

  • Date and time: June 29th 1-3pm
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Cost: $22 (20% goes to Students of Color and student groups for SoC)

Email at info@riseup-rooted.org for questions and/or to get on an emailing list for future events.


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